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David Dreves Kayaking
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David Dreves Kayaking
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Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboarding Skills Course

Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboarding builds on the skills and knowledge gained in the Basic SUP course. The participant will be introduced to paddling in more challenging conditions and to more advanced paddleboarding skills.
Successful participants will receive the “Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddling Skills Award.”

Basic SUP course or equivalent experience.
Course length
2-3 hours, or more at instructor’s discretion.
Class ratio
1 instructor: 6 participants.
Sheltered waters with uninterrupted easy landing options.
Light winds (0-11 knots) Current (0-0.5 knots) Sea state calm to light chop.
Evaluation is ongoing throughout each course. Participants can be evaluated through oral test, practical evaluation, written test and general observation. Participants will be graded Pass, Weak, or Fail in each category. “Pass” is required on all categories, but one “Weak” skill may be
accepted at the discretion of the instructor.
Safety skills

? Towing
Paddling skills
? Launching into waves
? Paddling in wind chop
? Foot positions
? Pivot turns
? Efficient forward strokes
? Draw strokes
? Cross draw
? Bracing
? Edging
? Downwind paddlingKnowledge
? Equipment
? Advanced board design
? Journeying
? Heritage
? Environment