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David Dreves Kayaking
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David Dreves Kayaking
SUP Courses, Tours and Rentals in The Greater Vancouver Area,
Surrey / White Rock / Ladner
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SUP Touring 1 Stand Up Paddleboarding Skills Course

Stand Up Paddleboarding Touring introduces participants to paddling and navigating in a coastal environment. The emphasis is on knowledge, navigation and safety skills. The course expands on concepts introduced in the Advanced Flatwater course and applies them to a more dynamic coastal environment.
Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboarding course, or equivalent skills and knowledge.
Course length
6-8 hours, or more at instructor’s discretion. Successful participants will receive the “Stand Up Paddling Touring 1 Skills Award.”
Class ratio
1 instructor: 6 participants.
• Moderate winds (12-19 knots)
• Combined sea state near 1-metre with a moderate, occasionally rough sea state.
• Surf =1-meter.
• Current < 3 knots
Moderately exposed coastline with semi-frequent easy landing opportunities.
Evaluation is ongoing throughout each course. Participants can be evaluated through oral test, practical evaluation, written test and
general observation. Participants will be graded Pass, Weak, or Fail in each category. “Pass” is required on all categories, but one “Weak” skill may be
accepted at the discretion of the instructor.
Safety skills
• Safety Equipment (for day trips close to shore)
• Group Paddling Dynamics
• Communication
• Towing
Paddling skills
• Stroke efficiency for longer distances
• Breaking through waves
• Catching waves
• Paddling in adverse conditions
• Paddling in rough conditions
• Foot Placement
• Paddling Skills with gear on board
Decision Making Models
• Navigation
• Exposed Coast vs Sheltered Coast
• Board design• Touring Equipment
• Outfitting a board for journeying
• Tides and Currents
• Reading the surf zone
• SUP Heritage